Our Mission

Our Mission

Encouraging Christian Spiritual Formation, Christian discourse, and Christian intellectual scholarship at institutions of higher learning amount students, staff and faculty. This will be done through group and individual discussion, think tanks, debates, presentations, and other opportunities. In addition, we will provide relevant resources and tools that provide ways to integrate Christian thought with scholarship and teaching

NSC cultivates the good and abundant life in Colorado Springs by encouraging followers of Christ to love God with their minds, as well as their strength, souls, and hearts, through reflection on and engagement with the intellectual heritage of the historical Christian faith.

Why This Need

Secular colleges and universities are, by nature, secular. Unfortunately, this has meant that the vibrant and rich Christian intellectual tradition has been marginalized in contemporary colleges and universities, leaving the impression that the life of the mind is incompatible with the life of faith. Not surprisingly then, many Christian students’ lives become fragmented and confused as they segregate their faith from their learning. For society at large, this has led to spiritual impoverishment. The Nicaea Study Center seeks to remedy this by infusing the intellectual discourse at the institutions of higher learning in Colorado Springs with the beauty and richness of the Christian intellectual tradition.

Why Nicaea Study Center

NSC is committed to the life of the Christian mind and the faithful engagement of Christians with the academy. Having earned a Ph.D. from an accredited research university and taught at an accredited Christian university, the director has the experience and qualifications necessary to foster conversations about the integration of faith and the academic disciplines

NSC offers academic activities, such as seminars, colloquies, and lectures, to introduce students to the vital heritage of Christian thought. It will train students to integrate their faith and their learning by providing opportunities to engage in thoughtful, honest discussions around life’s most important and meaningful questions. It will also provide resources to help students and faculty to think Christianly about their scholarship and teaching. All of this will be carried out on a foundation of intellectual and practical hospitality

The life of the mind for the life of faith.