Who We Are

Our Story

Nicaea Study Center is a member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers. Christian study centers are committed to the life of the Christian mind and the faithful engagement of Christians with the Academy. NSC is working toward membership in the Consortium while carrying out the mission of infusing the intellectual discourse at the institutions of higher learning in Colorado Springs with the beauty and richness of the Christian intellectual tradition.

Our Vision

NSC will encourage fellowship and friendships, provide a sanctuary for study, and create a community that shares life, faith and ideas. It will foster inquiry through reading and discussing books and ideas, hosting lectures by scholars, and practicing the integration of faith and scholarship. It will promote dialogue on life’s most important and meaningful questions openly, seriously, and thoughtfully in pursuit of Truth. It will promote wholeness by nurturing a whole faith that loves the Lord God with mind, strength, soul and heart.

Our Commitments

Offering Hospitality: Nicaea Study Center extends intellectual and practical hospitality to encourage fellowship and friendship among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. It provides an environment that fosters the strong relationships necessary for spiritual, intellectual, and mental health, as well as the pursuit of truth and knowledge. NSC extends this hospitality to the steadfast, the seeker, and the skeptic.

Encouraging Inquiry: The center supports the academic mission of the local institutions of higher learning by encouraging the practice of Christian scholarship, teaching, research, and mentoring. To do so, it provides resources in the Christian intellectual tradition, both ancient and modern, including, but not limited to, theology, philosophy, and ethics.

Fostering Dialogue: Nicaea Study Center explores life’s most important and enduring questions openly and candidly in light of Christianity’s vibrant intellectual heritage and by engaging with a wide range of worldviews and intellectual traditions.

Cultivating Wholeness: With the ultimate goal of human flourishing, both for the individual and the community, NSC commits to nurturing the whole person with a whole faith that loves the Lord God with mind, strength, soul, and heart.


For nearly two decades, Brad Hale taught European and African history at a Christian university in southern California. He also taught Humanities courses that explored life’s most enduring questions through the reading of some of history’s most enduring books. He has thought deeply about the integration of faith and learning and the importance of harmonizing the life of the mind with the life of faith. He holds a Ph.D. in Modern European History from the University of Connecticut.

The life of the mind for the life of faith.